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Even in todays online world, backup is an essential requirement for all businesses. This includes Microsoft 365 – it might be online, but it isn’t backed-up in any meaningful sense! We use Cove Data Protection, which is an online backup & disaster recovery tool that it fully automatic in operation – truly install & let it run.

In operation the backup client on the protected computer runs on a schedule, sending any new or changed data to the cloud-based secure servers. Once there we can monitor the backup for completeness and remediate any issues as they occur.

This is the basic system – but it is modular. You can add on a local data store, cloud-based validation tests or even have a “hot stand-by system” keeping a copy of the latest version ready to run if the worst happens to your system.

Planning For Worst Case Scenarios…

As a responsible manager you have to plan for the worst: so just imagine arriving at your office one morning to find it flooded out. It’s unlikely – but far from impossible (Worcester has it’s fair share of flooding!).

It’s now your job to get your business back up and running with the minimum impact on your customers, your turnover and your cash-flow.

Assuming you have been diligent, you’ll have an off-site backup in the cloud. Recovery is now a matter of deploying this. How long it takes depends on how many of the options you have taken up: if you have taken the “hot stand-by” option  then it could be as little as an hour. If you have to wait for the recovery image to be built it might take a day. But either way it’s much, much better than no backup at all…

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Our Solutions…

How it goes together

Depending on which options you select:

  • A discreet client that runs on the system(s) to be protected.
  • Fully automatic and customisable – with command & control available on the device, or via the Web portal.
  • Replication of your data to the cloud (fulfils the ‘off-site’ requirement of your backup).
  • All EU-based storage for Data Protection compliance.
  • The ability to recover any/all your protected systems (including servers) as ‘virtual PCs’ on an appropriate hypervisor.
  • Recovery of a system image to existing hardware.
  • Ability to view/recover individual items from Exchange, OneDrive, SharePoint & Teams data stores.
  • Ability to view/recover individual files, and compare across different backups.
  • Full control of the backup schedule to minimise impact on day-to-day performance.
  • Full reporting and alerting system.
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How does this help me?

Now, in the case of the hypothetical fire or flood (or even if you have simply deleted the wrong file from OneDrive!), you can be assured that your key data is safe in the cloud. The recovery process can begin with a phone call to us. How long it takes depends on the scale of the recovery, but typically the process will reduce from a couple of weeks to a couple of days – a major saving for your business.

For a comprehensive & cost-effective solution to your Disaster Recovery needs, contact us to arrange an appointment (with demo if required), so we can help you formulate your plan...