Modern Telephony  – Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

The idea of transmitting your telephone calls over the Internet is not new – systems such as Skype have been around for years. But it is only in recent times that our national broadband infrastructure has become fast enough (and reliable enough!) to make this a viable business offering.

Modern telephony, often referred to as ‘VoIP’ (Voice over IP) has come of age. There are considerable benefits for our customers who adopt this technology, both in terms of features & cost.

Back Office IT have been Spitfire partners for some time. We are particularly excited about the SIP Communicator product. Finally we can recommend a Hosted PBX (telephone system) that is cost-effective for small business (2-20 extensions). For larger installations we can offer 3CX, which becomes even more cost-effective for 20+ lines. When fully deployed, these systems replace all your existing infrastructure (phone lines, ISDN, local PBX box etc.) with handsets that plug into your network.

Telephony on-the-go

You have an easily configurable online ‘virtual exchange’ which allows you to control extension numbers, voice-mail messages, out-of-office, forward-to-mobile and much, much more. You can securely access your company phone system any time, any place. For instance, if you take your handset home & plug it into your home broadband, the system still treats it as your office extension.

This is a great example of what technology can do for you – i.e. more performance for less money.

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VoIP Hosted PBX Solutions Worcester


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