Daily Archives: April 24, 2024

Take care of your laptop!

Dusty laptop

Inside lurks unpleasantness!

One of the issues we are called to all too often is a faulty laptop. Upon close inspection the laptop has “cooked itself” – i.e. overheated & destroyed some key components. Space inside a laptop is limited, so getting adequate cooling is always a challenge. But users can make it much worse all too easily. Laptops, in general, suck air in through the underside, across the components and out through the side. They are already fighting a battle with dust (see picture). But what will REALLY kill your laptop is placing it on a soft surface. Tempting as it may seem to put it onto your comfy duvet – don’t! The laptop will settle in, block the underside air vents, and failure is short minutes away.

Always place your laptop on a hard, clean, surface. If possible tilt the back edge up for extra airflow (and it makes the keyboard easier to use!).